【Pattaya Jambo Sushi】 feel like as if in Japanese Izakaya at local price

Pattaya / Condos - Rent

Izakaya is Japanese style restaurant bar.

In Pattaya, there are some Japanese Izakaya style bar restaurant run by Japanese. All of them are too delicious for me which result taking too much food and often causing me over my budget.

This shop is a local shop with a conscientious price for local Thai people.

Whenever I visit there, usually take sashimi set and beer and a few others, can be managed within 500 baht.

Sashimi set THB180

Chirashi sushi THB160


In side shop
6-8 seast facing to the Pattaya 3rd road and 4-5 tables. Not so big and quiet. I like this style.

Drinks has to be taken out from the refrige by yourself

Pattaya 3rd road Soi 15.

To be honest, the taste is similar to the price. For example, the sashimi set is at the level of a supermarket hand-rolled sushi handmade set in Japan.

But it is in Thailand not in Japan. Sashimi set served with tuna, salmon, squid, shrimp and mackerel at THB180, for me, it is worth.

Having beer while watching the traffic of the third road at the counter seat is my favorite time.

Pattaya / Condos - Rent

Condo rooms for rent.